Preparing for your 1st Job

Do You want a job? A big yes will be heard from all the youngsters sitting in a college auditorium to hear to a very enthusiastic speaker. When the speaker asks – What are you doing to get your first job? There will be a pin drop silence and the complete auditorium will be lull and no response will be heard from the students. This is the situation across the length and breadth of the job seeking fresher community in all the educational institutions.

Every Graduate and Post Graduate aspire to be placed in a decent company with a decent pay package. Each one of us want to settle down in life and lead our dream life. There is no harm in aspiring for the same. But the ground realities are very different from their dreams and expectations. Students are Lakhs in nos. but jobs are either in thousands or hundreds. Here come’s first challenge for every youth who is fresh graduate or post graduate. This is where the preparation part comes into play. Those who are well prepared might sail through the rough waters and get to their destination – called dream job or at-least a job.

Every or rather I should say most of the youngster believes that their regular college education is enough to take them through the job interviews. which is a misnomer. Institutions lays the foundation and fundamentals of education but the practical experience gained through working in the chosen field only enhances and polishes the skills required to be fit for a job. But these days every student is studying hard to crack the exam and gain good CGPI’s . So the college education in itself is not enough to polish your public speaking skills, job interview skills etc.

Every student need to work on those skills as-well. He may be knowing everything but if he is unable to articulate his views then there is no point in knowing everything and not being able to express. Even if the student can articulate but his communication skills are poor then there is again a problem. Next is self grooming and etiquette . Suppose the student is able to articulate and his communication skills are also good but when it comes to his grooming and etiquette and if he is shabbily appearing and his gestures and postures are not correct then there is likely hood of him being not clearing the interview. This is where lot of practice is needed and proper guidance is required. There are many professional trainers who offer some courses which address these issues. So Every student must take help of these professionals and gain from them.

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